The miniatures workroom

The miniatures workroom was created in 2004 in Kyiv, Ukraine. Starting from that time over 150 models were constructed for a number of parks in Ukraine, Holland and Bulgaria: “Ukraine in Miniature”, “Vinnitsa in Miniature” (Ukraine), code beacons park in Holland and “Mini Bulgaria Park” in V. Tarnavo, Bulgaria. All the miniatures are constructed in 1:25 scale.

The crew, consisting of over 15 architects, designers, constructors, mill operators and other specialists, is involved to create the miniatures. Innovative technologies and modern equipment allow constructing miniature models of any building with approximation to 90%. Many details are being specialized by printing on 3D printers. To create one miniature it takes from one to six months depending on its complexity and size. With this in mind it is not misplaced to say that the miniatures represent the contemporary art works.

The miniatures workroom creates miniatures to be placed later on the open air. The miniatures are produced with polymer material (poly vinyl chloride) 8-10mm thick and withstand temperature from -25С to +40С. For structural solidity the rib stiffeners are designed into the construction.

For any additional information or to cooperate with us on producing of new miniatures, please do not hesitate to contact us:
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