Do you want to discover all Bulgaria within one hour?

Now it has become absolutely possible!

The Park "Mini Bulgaria" presents you the most wonderful places of interest from all over Bulgaria in 1:25 scale.

Welcome to “Mini Bulgaria Park”
in Veliko Tarnavo

Do you want to discover all Bulgaria within one hour?

Bulgaria – a country that has an immense beauty and a rich historical and cultural heritage… Yet, everything is within just a few hours’ worth of driving distance. It’s no coincidence that Bulgarian tourism is flourishing. Our mission is to create a complete collection of the country’s immeasurably valuably history, and make it easily accessible.

The Park is named “Mini Bulgaria” and was founded on September 30th, 2017 by the mayor of Veliko Tarnovo – Mr. Daniel Panov.
We are located very close to the main cultural attraction in Veliko Tarnovo – the medieval stronghold, Tsarevets, looking right up Baldwin’s Tower. The Park has an area of 12.5 daa and exhibited are miniature models of some of the most famous landmarks and show places in Bulgaria. Some of them include the St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in Sofia, the Ivan Vazov National Theatre – also in Sofia, the Monastery of St. Ivan of Rila, the Bachkovo Monastery of the Dormition of the Theotokos, many of Bulgaria’s palaces and strongholds and more.

During your visit, you can see the development of the Bulgarian state, starting from the Roman epoch with the Roman theatre of Plovdiv, also known as the Ancient Theater of Philippopolis as well as the Roman aqueduct there. Next up you can enjoy the glory of the First Bulgarian Empire and the Great Basilica in Pliska, which was also the capital back then. Following that comes the Second Bulgarian Empire where the capital back then was our own home town – Veliko Tarnovo. We’ve chosen non other than the very symbol of Veliko Tarnovo – the Tsarevets fortress. Tracing the steps to modern times we have a model of the Nezavisimost Square in Sofia, and Varna Airport.

Park Mini Bulgaria is the only place where you can explore all the former royal palaces of Bulgarian Tsars for the duration of a simple walk. The Vrana Palace in Sofia, the Euxinograd Palace in Varna and Tsarska Bistritsa in Borovets, high in the Rila Mountains… We have miniature models of all of them, including the former royal palace of the Romanian Queen – Tihoto Gnezdo that’s located in Balchik; its name is literally translated as The Quiet Nest. Palaces and former royal residences are indeed just the beginning, though. We also offer you a glimpse into the architecture of all the cathedrals built in honor of Saint Mary, Mother of Jesus.

All the miniature models have been meticulously hand crafted to the smallest detail. We’ve used PVC as a main material on a M1:25 scale and you can see the entire exhibition throughout the entire year. It usually takes anywhere between three month to a whole year to finish a single model and it all depends on how complex the original is.

Park Mini Bulgaria is the only one of its kind in the Republic of Bulgaria and is the most memorable attraction in Veliko Tarnovo.
The Holy Forty Martyrs Church, the Tsarevets fortress, the Multimedia visitor centre Tsarevgrad Tarnov (also known as the Museum of wax figures), the Sveta Gora Hill with its magnificent views and Arbansi, famous for its strong ethnographic spirits are all very close to our Park. There are hotels in Veliko Tarnovo within a walking distance but you can also stay in Park Hotel RAYA Garden if you have the time. It’s a part of the Sveta Gora Hotel Complex. No matter what you choose, hotels in Veliko Tarnovo promise you spectacular views and your stay in Veliko Tarnovo would not be complete without visiting one.

The miniature park in Veliko Tarnovo is a very popular destination among Bulgarians, as well as tourists and expats. In any case, Mini Bulgaria is a must-see if you ever decide to come and visit Bulgaria. We are so proud to be a part of the indescribable abundance of historical and cultural sites and doing so in of the most beautiful places in Bulgaria – Veliko Tarnovo, is just priceless! So, what are you waiting for? Come, visit one of the most beautiful places in Bulgaria, and give yourself the chance to soak all of its culture and history in a single walk.

Discover Bulgaria for yourself!